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December 06
• Edited (Dec 06, 2023)
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Host and Hostess clubs in Kabukicho

I visited Tokyo last weekend and decided to explore Kabukicho for the first time. I went with a local friend, and it was her first time there as well.
To my surprise, not only were there a lot of host/hostess clubs with ads promoting them, but there were also many attractive people outside these clubs, enticing customers to step inside for a drink. Many of them looked like they had stepped straight out of an anime. I may have stared at them for too long (lol), as they quickly approached us, attempting to initiate a conversation. Despite my intrigue and desire to learn more about their job and the services these clubs offer, I ended up politely rejecting them in my broken Japanese, as it seemed they didn't understand English.
Upon leaving, my friend shared an incident when she parked her car in the area late at night to watch a movie at the cinema. Returning to pick up her car, she discovered the parking lot filled with large cars, presumably those transporting hosts and hostesses to work, blocking her way. Fortunately, a guy, whom she assumes was a host due to his looks, appeared out of nowhere and assisted her in moving her car (is this a dorama?). This experience changed her perception, and she now views them in a more positive light.
Now I wonder if any of you have been to a host/hostess club, and if so, what was your experience like? Do they cater to foreigners? Are there clubs that offer services in languages other than Japanese?

December 05
• Edited (Dec 05, 2023)

No Big Macs In India?

Whenever I get a chance to travel, which isn’t very often due to work commitments, I feel compelled to visit McDonald’s in each country to see how the Big Mac burger differs.

So, when I visited India for the first time a little while ago, I was unprepared for what was missing from the menu: the Big Mac.

Then I remembered that in India, cows are considered sacred, and beef is not commonly consumed, which I respect. To my surprise though, the burgers I tried were quite good, though they were super spicy.

This experience has made me curious: are there any other Asian countries where McDonald’s doesn’t serve the Big Mac?” Do you have any interesting stories about fast food when you were traveling to Asian countries? Please share with the community!

December 03
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One of my favourite places in my city is the Hamilton Gardens. They are very popular to visit both domestically and internationally and are free for all visitors.

The gardens are separated into Paradise, Productive, Fantasy, Landscape and Cultivar sections, with each section having a number of themed gardens.

My favourite section is the Paradise section made up of the Chinese Scholar Garden, The Japanese Garden of Contemplation, the Indian Char Bagh garden, the Italian Renaissance garden, the English Flower garden and the Modernist garden. But the garden I feel most attached to is the Japanese Garden of Contemplation. The karesansui gardens of the Muromachi era of Japanese history are amongst the most austere garden designs ever created. Within tightly bounded compositions of gravel, rocks, and only the minimum of vegetation.The Scroll Garden, on the other side of the Abbot’s Quarters, shares some features with the karesansui. Both gardens are designed to be enjoyed from a single perspective. Both gardens create a feeling of peace and serenity. The garden has become a haven for stressed students during the exam period, a quiet place to reflect, read or in my case, sketch.

The Chinese Scholar Garden is inspired by the gardens of the Sung Dynasty. The journey takes you over Wisteria Bridge, across the Island of Whispering Birds, past the hidden philosopher, and through a grove to finally reach the TingPavilion and its views of the Waikato River. Notable people (from Wuxi and Taiwan) have designed the examples of calligraphy in the Chinese Scholars' Garden to give this garden prestige.

October 20

Because the launching of our official Asian Boss community happens to coincide with my birthday (Oct 21), I just wanted to share a quick appreciative post about 2 people who I admire and respect a lot - my parents.

My dad is Japanese and my mom is German. Dad passed away 13 years ago, before Stephen and I started Asian Boss, so he never got to see how Asian Boss took off. Mom has always been the biggest supporter of Asian Boss, always updating and reminding me and Stephen from her own written notes how many views and subscribers we got lol

My parents met under the unlikeliest circumstances in Tonga, of all places. The story I was told was that Mom was working as a tour guide, while Dad was a regular tourist struggling to find accommodation in Tonga. Bear in mind, my dad couldn’t speak a word of English, but by some random chance, he met my mom who got him a hotel room using her tour guide connection.

Later, he was at a hotel bar when he saw some guy trying to chat up my mom at the bar. So he just walked up to him, interjected, and told the guy in English, “She has appointment with me!” like a BOSS. Again, he had never spoken English until then.

The rest is history, and I’m very grateful to have been born in a multicultural environment where I got to get the best of both worlds. Stephen always reminds me of my tendency to be always polite, punctual, and sometimes too truthful for my own good.

I just want the world to be a more positive and inspiring place. I’m hoping I can hear a lot more of your stories here about people you know or met that inspired you. I want everyone in our community to wake up every day with a sense of purpose and optimism for the future. Hopefully, we can all get there together😎

November 23
• Edited (Nov 23, 2023)

The past few days have been a rollercoaster ride for me, and I've been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for Asian Boss so far. Honestly, when recording our message video, I thought we'd be fortunate to get even 10,000 views for the video itself (it has now over 200k views), let alone have anyone sign up for our membership platform. I felt incredibly nervous, as I was about to be 100% transparent and put everything on the line, yet I worried that might not be enough to combat the YouTube algorithm.

Yes, we still have a long way to go in terms of sign-ups to stabilize our business operations, but I truly appreciate all of you for taking a chance on us and being willing to test and improve this product, our membership platform. Kei and I will be hosting our first livestream townhall this Sunday, Korea time (please check your calendar) to meet our new members. Be sure to drop by and say hi!"

October 04
• Edited (Oct 30, 2023)

Do you have any fun, positive or even embarrassing stories about different cultures that you may have experienced? When you were traveling/studying/living in \[INSERT ANY ASIAN COUNTRY YOU VISITED\], what did you notice that really stood out for you? Did you meet any interesting or inspiring people that left lasting impressions on you?
Remember, what’s “newsworthy” doesn’t have to be about some serious geopolitical issues or social conflicts. As far as we are concerned, your story, observation, or experience is the real “people news” worth highlighting.


Welcome to the Asian Boss C...

Make sure to watch this welcome video first if you're new here!
November 08
• Edited (Nov 08, 2023)
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Today is the day the night market opens in our apartment complex, so I would like to share about the Korean night market culture, so-called 야시장 (Ya-Sijang).
Ya-Sijang, the night market, is a traditional market where bars, restaurants, and other general stores that sell random stuff, are gathered in a particular place from afternoon to night (it usually opens at 4-5 ish). In Korea, they are normally held in an apartment complex, once a year or once every six months per apt complex. They sometimes are held in the school grounds, but they are mostly held in apartment complexes for a day or two. They have various food and activities which kids can enjoy such as fishing goldfish, mini-biking, air bounce, darts etc.
They didn't have Ya-Sijang during the pandemic but it seems like they are re-opening in a lot of places nowadays.

November 23
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Recently, I traveled to Eunpyeong Hanok Village to see some traditional Korean houses.

Before starting Asian Boss, my background was in architecture, and I worked as a project manager in Japan, focusing on creating ecological buildings. I’ve come to realize that many of the buildings constructed today are not designed to last for hundreds of years. Typically, they are torn down every 20 to 30 years.

In contrast, traditional housing like Hanoks can last over a hundred years. In Eunpyeong, the Hanoks you see are newly built and modernized, yet there is something about these buildings - which use natural materials like wood, soil, and stone - that I find very calming and comforting.

What interesting buildings and architectural designs have you encountered in Asia? Would love to hear your stories and see some photos!

November 06

Last month, I had the distinct honor of having my family and friends in attendance at my wedding. As a member of the Asian Boss team, I reached out to the guys to see if they could join me on this special day.

Despite the fact that my wedding coincided with a holiday, Korea Thanksgiving, and was located approximately a 5-hour drive outside of Seoul, the guys from Asian Boss didn't hesitate and promised to be there to celebrate with me.

When the day finally arrived, I was overjoyed to see Stephen and Kei in attendance. They certainly knew how to "dress to impress" and their presence piqued the curiosity of all the guests.

Throughout the event, we shared stories, laughter, tears, and created special memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. This was a day I will never forget, and I felt immensely grateful that my friends and family took the time to give their blessings to me and my wife.

My father, who is American, was naturally drawn to the Asian Boss team, especially Stephen. At one point, my dad pulled me aside and remarked, "I don't think I've ever met someone so passionate, focused, and driven about a single cause." My dad had always been an Asian Boss enthusiast but hadn't watched it extensively, so it was a real treat for him to meet Stephen and Kei and learn more about the 'why' behind Asian Boss.

As the event came to a close, we bid our farewells, took some photos, and the Asian Boss team made their way back to Seoul. I just wanted to share my story about how Asian Boss graced my wedding and turned heads, to say the least. I think I heard my mom and mother-in-law come up to me half a dozen times and ask, "Are those boys single?"

Anyways, I've recently returned from a trip to Jeju with my dad, and whenever we found ourselves at a coffee shop or had some spare time, you can probably guess which YouTube channel he was hooked on. You guessed it - Asian Boss! 🔥🔥

October 20

Hi community!

I have a story to share about my experience in the Philippines.🇵🇭

I’m half-white half-Filipino and one day, I was shopping for souvenirs in Boracay with my full Filipino mom. When it was time for haggling/bargaining, she told me to stay as far away from her as possible, because they’d charge extra if they saw people with fair skin. I didn’t believe her until we ended up getting charged 5x the price💸  Lessons learned 🥲