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We are a mission-driven independent media company bringing you the most authentic local perspectives and insights from Asia, which the mainstream media won't cover.

Our 7 million+ social media followers and 2 billion+ lifetime views stand as a testament to our commitment: we have no political agenda and approach every conversation with a neutral stance. Watch this message video to find out more.

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Gain instant access to our ever-expanding library of unfiltered and uncensored street interviews, commentaries, and discussions on the latest current events and real social issues from all over Asia, content that we cannot upload to YouTube or any other mainstream social media platforms due to censorship and shadow banning by the algorithms. 

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Connect with real members from all around the world, share your stories, and build lasting friendships. Be a part of one of the most supportive, empowering, and action-oriented communities, where negativity, judgment, and name-calling have no place.

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Suggest video topics, participate in polls for future content, submit questions for our street interviews, and inquire about behind-the-scenes details with our reporters. Whatever questions you want to ask the people, we're on it. You're not just consuming the news; you're shaping it!

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Engage directly with the Asian Boss founders, share your thoughts, and get your questions answered in our interactive monthly town hall sessions. This is your opportunity to provide feedback, influence our future services and products, and help shape the future of Asian Boss as a media platform. 

Membership Benefit No. 5: Create Real Social Impact

For over a decade, we've dedicated ourselves to taking action on real social issues that the mainstream media won't cover. Building a school in an Indian slum? Check. Helping a teenage mom in the Philippines? Check. Supporting single dads and single moms in Korea? Check! To date, we have raised and donated over $1 million to help individuals and local communities in need. Just imagine the impact we can achieve with you on board!

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Together, we can create real social impact. 
Together, we can create real social impact. 

Together, we can create real social impact. 

Let's build cultural bridges, amplify the voices of the voiceless, and shed light on worthy causes that demand the utmost attention.

I want to make a difference!

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