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October 23

This is Ursula Ibaraki and I'm joining this community because I've been an enthusiastic Asian Boss fan ever since they started their youtube channel 10yrs ago. Looking at my family name you might realize that I'm Kei's mom, so I'm obviously a bit biased ;-)

Although I was brought up in Germany and lived in France, Canada, Japan and New Zealand for a number of years, I now call Australia home. I love travelling and to learn languages and I've managed to be fluent in the languages of the countries I lived in. 

Speaking the language of the country you live in is an immense advantage since it really helps to understand the culture and the ways of saying (or not saying) something which can be quite different from the ways you've been brought up with. Needless to say that patience and tolerance are major assets in the process of becoming a multicultural person.  

Besides languages, I also enjoy pilates, bushwalking and volunteering. And cooking! I used to cook mainly Japanese but recently I'm more into Asian fusion dishes. If you have a yummy recipe on the not too spicy side let me know. Needless to say that I love sushi :-)

November 20

Hi, my name is Miracle and I'm a Muslim revert from United States. I was born an orphan here and am half Egyptian and half Euro-Romanian. I have studied deeply theological and archeological studies throughout my life and would love to be a staple who can share insights and information here that's not well known. In particular I love to bridge the gap in misinformation in historical studies within education and spread light on truths spanning through different civilizations throughout history. I look forwards to being here and I'm thankful to be a part of this community!

(Sorry, realized I posted this in the wrong way at first 🤣)

November 18

Hey Bosses,
This is Aqsa here. I have been with Asian Boss for a lot of years now. Some of you might remember as one of their interviewers from India. Later, I was given the opportunity to manage the whole Indian team. Unfortunately, I had to leave the amazing Asian Boss team because of my further education. I love cooking (mostly for 5-7 people, can’t cook small portions 😝😝). I love fashion and have a small online clothing business with my sisters. I am pretty tired of the world situation, year after year, the situation keeps getting toxic. I hope we all find peace and love here.

November 24

Hello Bosses! My name is Shien Kwun, and I'm from Malaysia. I started to follow Asian Boss when I watched Stephen's interview with prominent economist, Kim Young-ick on YouTube ( I also gained unbiased and expert insights on COVID-19 and development of vaccines through Stephen's series of interviews with Professor Woo-joo Kim and Dr. Jerome Kim. Thank you so much for the awesome work! I wish Asian Boss will continue to thrive 🙏

November 25

Hello Bosses!

Better late than never.

I'm Aditya, an investment advisor and certified financial planner, from the southern port city of India known as Chennai. It's a laidback city although the sun can be unforgiving. You'll love the beaches and food!

Apart from fixing people's finances and playing 'poker' with the stock markets, my hobbies include golf, squash, billiards, tabletop games, and mechanical keyboards. I'm also a die hard HIIT Crossfit-ter (if there's such a word) and a health nut (intermittent fasting, low carbs). Apart from these, I'm currently experimenting with analogue & modular synthesisers because I love ambient music.

I've been following Asian Boss for quite a while now, and I love it! I hope to meet new people from this community and forge bonds. I also hope to make a positive difference to the Asian Boss community.

Looking forward!



November 25

Hi all. I'm Chris, I'm from Canada. I've had a nearly lifelong interest in Asia, introduced to it through pop-culture (music and film) and now very interested in many Asian cultures in general. Have been to Japan, but hope to expand the countries in Asia I've visited one day before I'm too ancient :P

Anyways, hi!

November 25

Hello Everyone! I'm Katie, and I live in the US. I am a special needs mother, was a teacher, and have always been curious! I love to learn about all cultures and places around our amazing and diverse planet. I am always looking for outside perspective and thoughts. I have been watching Asian Boss for many years now, and consider them a very reliable source. I appreciate that they are unbiased, want to bridge the culture gap with Asia and other countries, and that they cover so many different subjects, serious and at times a bit silly, for curiosity's sake. At the heart of it all, they keep being a good human being paramount. I can't wait to see what the future brings for Asian Boss!

Nice to meet everyone!

November 27

Hi, Armando's here from Jakarta, Indonesia.

I have been following Asian Boss since quite early if I may say. Love their contents and seeing the media has been manipulating and controlling. Really glad could see one media willing to stand up for its unbiased integrity.

Let's collaborate in near future!

November 21

Nice to meet you peeps! My name is Kalina and I am an Urban planner from Bulgaria (The Balkans = Eastern Europe).
I lurked in Mogao for a while so greetings to all of you who were part of it as well :).
Partially because of the nature of my work and partially because of personal interest I love learning about Asia and it's communities. I like to explore the topics that interest people and the hardships they face through the lense of Urban planning always asking the question of how the physical environment and the public spaces shape and reflect it's inhabitants, thus I find Asian Boss uniquely honest and unbiased content to be very captivating and interesting. I hope I can bring to the table a professional and personal viewpoint from someone outside yet very close to Asia :)

November 22
• Edited (Nov 22, 2023)

Hi everyone and glad to finally be a part of this community!

My name is Ryan from Singapore and I’ve been a big Asian Boss supporter since the channel started!

I’m a big fan when it comes to anything Korea related whether it’s music, food, culture, you name it.

I’ve travelled to Korea a few times in my life so far and my long term goal is to live and work in the country itself as I have a bond with the people there.

Yes of course Korea is not a perfect country and some may argue living in Singapore would be better especially since I am a Singapore citizen but I think there is more to life than just a life of comfort. This of course leads to me always keeping myself up to date on the latest news regarding Korea, its politics and the situation of their people.

This photo of me with Steve and Kei (I don’t usually look this unglam fyi) was taken when I got to visit the Asian Boss office back in May 2023.